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Miller To Learn French, Glad To Be Back

I have to say that when I heard that we had re-signed Justin Miller this week, I was delighted, he was never much of a corner, but his blistering pace always made him entertaining to watch in the return game. This week it was confirmed that Miller will return kick-offs, however he won't line up in the secondary, at least not this weekend against the Dolphins:

Coach Rex Ryan said Miller won't play in the secondary this week against Miami (2-4) because he still needs to learn the defense.

"It's probably French class to him right now," Ryan quipped.

But, the Jets know one thing: Miller can return kickoffs.

The past few weeks have not been comfortable for Miller. Released in the off-season he worked out for several teams, including the Jets, but couldn't find a home. He was then signed by the Oakland Raiders (again) and released a week later (again) and doubts about his future began to creep up:

"You have your thoughts and your ups and your downs," Miller said Thursday. "You think, 'Wow. Is this really the end? Am I going to get the chance to go back and really show I can still play and prove that I belong in this league?'"

Miller has excellent straight line speed and has previously been named the NFL's fastest man after winning the 40 yard dash at the 2006 pro bowl. It remains to be seen how his lack of work this season will effect his immediate contribution, however he may well be more suited to the 'no three wedge' rule that the NFL has enforced this season.

I'm very comfortable with having Justin back and we want to give him a total chance and complete opportunity," special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff said. "To do what we're going to ask him to do and the roles I'm going to have him in, he's very well-suited and looks in good shape for them."