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Pace Backpedals From Comments

After the first game against Miami, Calvin Pace made some uncomplimentary comments about the Dolphins. He backed away from them on Thursday.

Jets LB Calvin Pace, who after the 31-27 loss called Miami’s QB Chad Henne a "clown’’ and called the Dolphins’ "wildcat’’ offense "nonsense,’’ explained his comments today when I aksed him about it.

"I’m not much of a talker, and I said some things kind of out of character,’’ Pace said. "I meant them, but that wasn’t the right time to say them. Moving forward, we’ve got to stop them. They made a valid point (after his comments). If you don’t like it, stop them.’’

Pace said "emotion and embarrassment’’ caused him to lash out like that after the game.

"When you go out in any game _ especially Monday night in a division game _ the level that the defense played before I got back (from a four-game suspension) really wasn’t there,’’ Pace said. "For whatever reason we just looked rattled. We lost a lot of our poise in that game.’’

Talk about blown out of proportion. The media hits this guy after a heartbreaking loss to a bitter rival. It's ridiculous how much talk those comments generated.