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Bart Scott Wants to Hit Chad Henne

per Cimini:

Bart Scott, the so-called "Mad Backer," has a simple game plan for defending Dolphins QB Chad Henne.

"I hope to get him out of there," Scott said today.

Asked if he wants to hurt Henne, Scott replied, "I want to hit him and get him out of there. That's for anybody who touches the football, period. It's that type of game. Write it down however you want to write it down. You don't have to do something dirty to get somebody out of there."

Scott is going to need to have a big game. Last time the Dolphins did everything they could to keep Henne clean from multi tight end sets to push the edge out to leaving extra blockers to rolling him out. It worked. There's only so many guys Rex Ryan can send. The Jets need to win their matchups.

The real key, though, for Scott is getting off blocks and sound tackling to slow down Miami's excellent running game.