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Jets Fired Up By Miami's Celebration

The Jets are using the celebration the Dolphins had in their win three weeks ago as motivation for this Sunday's game.

"When Ronnie Brown scored (with six seconds left) and he was doing that little Dolphin dance, oh, that irked the --- out of me," DE Shaun Ellis said Wednesday, adding, "Seeing how they celebrated, I was looking for stuff to come out of the sky. I thought I just played in the Super Bowl."

Said CB Darrelle Revis: "We saw that. We took heed of that. ...It was a game we let slip by. We feel we're the better team - up and down, special teams, offense, defense, no matter what."


There was nothing wrong with what the Dolphins did. They just scored a thrilling and emotional win. Lord knows this Jets team has done plenty on the side. When you win, you can do whatever you want. The best way to stop it from happening again is to win this week.