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Replacing Leon Washington

Leon Washington's clearly going to be missed. He does so much for the Jets, there's no way to simply replace him. It's a job for many.

Change of Pace Back: Shonn Greene

Some people questioned the Jets moving up in the third round and selling almost the entire second day of their Draft to get Greene. They viewed it as a luxury pick. It sure looks like a good move now. Greene will take over Leon's road as the second back on the roster. He'll provide a different kind of change of pace from Thomas Jones. Washington's burst was dangerous for defenses. Greene is going to get on defenses quickly and pound on them. He'll help wear down fronts for Jones later in the game.

Kick Returner: Justin Miller

Part of the reason the Jets cut Miller last year was the job Washington did on kickoff returns leaving him without a role. Justin's a very dangerous return man, though, with 5 touchdowns in his 5 year career. He made the Pro Bowl for the Jets in 2006. The only reason Leon became the full time return man was Miller's 2007 injury.

Decoy: Braylon Edwards

Part of what Leon brought was simply the threat to score on every play. He forced defenses to account for him, which opened things up for other players. The trade for Edwards is fortunate now. Braylon can draw consistent doubles and will be the focal point of defenses from this point on. The double teams he will draw will benefit everybody else.

Homerun Hitter: David Clowney

Edwards will definitely have to take some of the big play load, but defenses are going to key on stopping him. It's easier to take a receiver out of a game than a running back. You have to double him. Washington was both a focal point and a guy who made big plays. Clowney's speed on vertical routes makes him the best bet to register huge gains.

Backfield Receiving Threat: Danny Woodhead

Woodhead is going to play sparingly behind Jones and Greene, but he might see some work on third down. Perhaps he won't block well enough to be the exclusive third down back, but Woodhead is a better receiver out of the backfield than the top two and elusive with the ball in his hands. The team thought enough of his receiving skills to convert him to the position.

Is there anybody else you see pitching in to replace Leon?