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Mike Westhoff Will Help the Jets Overcome Leon Washington's Absence on Kickoffs

One area the Jets are really going to miss Leon Washington is in the return game. He was a threat to take it to the house every time he touched it. Don't fear, though. Part of his success was due to the men in front of him.

Just remember, Washington took over two years ago for Justin Miller. Miller was a Pro Bowl returner. A few years before Miller arrived, the Jets had Chad Morton, who ran back a pair for touchdowns in a single game against Buffalo. What's the common thread? Mike Westhoff was the special teams coach.

Westhoff is the best special teams coach in football, and it shows in the return game. He draws up great return plays, getting guys in the right spots, and teaches excellent blocking technique. Since he's arrived, the Jets' return game has reminded me a lot of Denver's running game. They can plug in average players who play well and turn good players into great ones.

The Jets will miss Leon Washington on kickoffs. There's nobody as explosive on the roster. Still, with Westhoff around, whether it's Brad Smith, Dwight Lowery, or somebody else deep, I expect the team to retain an above average return game.