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Leon Washington Out for the Season With a Broken Leg

Leon Washington's season is over after breaking his right leg today in Oakland.

Jets RB Leon washington is out for the season after breaking his right leg today against the Raiders. He was taken to a local hospital, where it's believed surgery will be performed. This is believed to be a serious fracture.

An unidentified player landed on Washington's leg as he went down awkwardly, one of those cover-your-eyes plays. Teammates immediately motioned to the sideline for medical help.

This one hurts badly.  I don't doubt the Jets will continue to have an excellent running game considering their offensive line and duo of Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene. Neither is a game changer like Washington, though. He's the kind of guy defenses have to game plan around. He's a great decoy who always draws attention even when he's not getting the ball, which opens things up for others. You can split him out to receiver if you want. Neither Greene nor Jones is as dynamic of a threat.

Where do the Jets go from here? Greene will replace him as the second back. He's obviously a different player, but Sunday showed a glimpse of what he will become. I'm also guessing Danny Woodhead shifts back to running back. He's not going to be needed much at receiver anymore with Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith coming back and David Clowney playing well. Perhaps the Jets try and turn him into a similarly versatile, speedy weapon. He has a lot of athletic ability.

In what ways do you see this horrible news affecting the Jets?