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Gang Green Nation Joins Sprint's NFL Mobile Live Program

Gang Green Nation is now a part of Sprint's NFL Mobile Live program. This means you can now access GGN posts if you have NFL Mobile Live through Sprint. Go to the New York Jets section and find the SB Nation heading. You'll be able to read us on the go so there is now no excuse to not read this site, even if you are on the road.

NFL Mobile Live is a really cool feature. I got a Sprint phone with service to give it a test run as part of the promotion. Last week I was traveling on Sunday. I got home for the Bills game, but I was still on the road beforehand. NFL Mobile Live allows you to watch NFL Network, which means I had a pregame show to check out in the morning. When the 1:00 games hit, I had access to the audio feed for every game for free. I also had live stat updates with a chance to focus on my fantasy players.

During the week, you can find plenty of articles and videos relating to the games. Again you can watch NFL Network at all times. Say you have a late night in the office late in the season on a game night when NFL Network is showing the game. You can watch it there. The best part? It's free if you have Sprint.

You can also watch and vote for Sprint's Can't Miss Play of the Week each week during the regular season.

Great promotion. I endorse the service.