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New York Jets Run Defense vs. Oakland Raiders Run Offense

The model for beating the Jets seems to be running the ball, controlling the clock, and forcing the rookie quarterback into mistakes to give a short field. With JaMarcus Russell under center, expect the Raiders to follow that model and offer a heavy dose of the run game.

The numbers don't look all that pretty for Oakland on the ground. They're averaging 3.3 per rush. The funny thing is they have three really good running backs, speedster Darren McFadden, power runner Michael Bush, and elusive Justin Fargas. The problem is up front. The Raiders don't have a solid foundation on their offensive line, and right now it is in shambles with no less than three starters banged up, Robert Gallery, Cornell Green, and Cooper Carlisle. The ends have played poorly to this point. If they can't get it going against this group, it's an indication of a long year.

This is going to be an interesting test for Sione Pouha on the nose against Samson Satele, a chance to get his sea legs before Miami's power run attack next week. I don't doubt the Jets will be able to stop the run. The ineptitude of Oakland's run game will allow the Jets to stack the box with eight or perhaps nine should the need present itself. I'll feel a bit better about things if Pouha can control the point of attack.