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New York Jets Pass Defense vs. Oakland Raiders Pass Offense

I'm not convinced the Raiders can throw the ball effectively on the Jets, and that's putting it nicely. JaMarcus Russell is only hitting 45.6 percent of his passes. He has 2 touchdowns against 6 interceptions. Russell is the posterboy for everything that's wrong with quarterback evaluation for the NFL Draft. Scouts saw that he's big, athletic, and has a big arm and automatically assumed he would become a great quarterback. Those attributes are accessories. Russell is not accurate, does not have sound mechanics, lacks instincts, and does not seem to handle adversity well. Say what you will about Mark Sanchez. Perhaps he ends up as a bust. Sanchez at least has these tools. Part of Russell's problem is the place he ended up. The Raiders didn't have the coaching to develop him or put a good team around him. In the end, their quarterback is a liability. The Jets are probably going to attack him.

The Raiders also lack weapons in the passing game. Their leading wide receiver, Louis Murphy, has 12 catches for 174 yards. First round pick Darrius Heyward-Bey has 2 receptions for 46 yards. Heyward-Bey shows what's wrong with receiver evaluation. Most experts thought Oakland took him way too early, but he still had a borderline first round grade. That was only because he has great straight line speed. Good hands? He doesn't have them. The ability to run routes well to shake defenders? Nope. The Jets have been getting great cornerback play. There's no reason for them to not attack Russell. Their corners can eat up these receivers.

The one weapon in the passing game the Raiders have is Zach Miller. He leads the club with 21 receptions and 354 yards by wide margins. This will be interesting because for once the Jets cannot use Darrelle Revis to take away the focal point of the opposing passing attack. Since he's the only weapon in the passing game, though, the Jets can scheme to take him away fairly easily.

Oakland has a patchwork offensive line at this point. Starting guards Robert Gallery and Cooper Carlisle are probably out. So is right tackle Cornell Green. Center Samson Satele is nothing special. The Dolphins let him walk to sign Jake Grove away from the Raiders. This is not what you want protecting Russell. Oakland will probably settle for Russell avoiding catastropic errors. Any plays in the passing game will be a bonus.