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Cotchery & Smith Ruled Out For Oakland

WR Jerricho Cotchery (hamstring) has been ruled out and same thing for WR Brad Smith (quad).

Rex Ryan wants to keep Cotchery at home and have him rehab so he can go next week. DB Lito Sheppard (quad) is also out.

"I was hoping, I know he is getting better and all that," Ryan said on Cotchery. "At the end we are just like, we definitely don’t want this to happen all the time and each week we are wondering is he going to be up. We don’t want to make it worse. If we get a chance to get him 100 percent or near 100 percent that is probably the best option."

This is really bad news for the Jets. We saw last week just how important having that safe net of Jerricho Cotchery is to this team. We will run the ball more, but we will need to pass, obviously there is no doubt about that. Sanchez seemed to lack confidence in going to anyone who wasn't Edwards/Keller or Washington last week.

Edwards will be neutralised by Nnamdi Asomugha, so if Sanchez does this week what he tried to do last week against the Bills, and force the ball to Edwards. It really is not going to end well for the Jets. I'm looking for a rebound week from Keller this week. Last week for me, was his worst game as a Jet. Sure some passes were off the mark, but he dropped a couple and it really didn't look like he was going 100% out there, just flopping his arms in the direction of the ball.

If Keller is the same this week as he was last week, we could well be sitting here on Sunday night, explaining where it all went wrong. There is no doubt that this is a crushing blow, I'm hoping that we can run the ball effectively and get all our wide receivers involved in these short quick routes.

Bottom line, the game on Sunday just got a lot tougher.