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New York Jets Run Offense vs. Oakland Raiders Run Defense

It looks like the Jets finally got their run game working last week. A potential matchup between Richard Seymour and Robert Turner if Damien Woody can't go is troublesome. On the other hand, undersized Jon Alston lining up on the right side is good for the Jets in their run game. So is the matchup between Tommy Kelly and Brandon Moore/Nick Mangold. Seymour is only one player. The Jets should be able to pound it on the right side and will pull Alan Faneca plenty. In a game where they'll likely treat Mark Sanchez with kid gloves, Ben Hartsock will replace Dustin Keller in the lineup perhaps more often than usual. The Raiders are not strong against the run. They give up 145 yards per game.

They'll surely pull their safeties up, but the Jets need to be able to run it effectively anyway. There's too much talent up front and in the backfield. Thomas Jones finally got on track a week ago. Leon Washington looks as dyanmic as ever. This is not a well coached defense. There should be plenty of opportunities to earn yardage after missed tackles. Against an undisciplined unit, I would throw a lot of the Seminole formation at them. That requires guys to stay patient and not overpursue. Washington can make them pay for not doing so.

I'm not sure whether the Jets will be able to execute. I know they should be able to execute. If they can't, it will be a major red flag for when the schedule gets tougher.