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Schottenheimer Defends Play Calling

Brian Schottenheimer isn't backing down from the game he called against the Bills.

"That (the running game) is what we wanted to lean on and I think that's what we did lean on,'' said Schottenheimer. "But again, we were getting a lot of eight- and nine-man fronts and we thought we could get some isolation matchups with Braylon. They (the Bills) did a good job and took some things away and obviously we forced some passes.

"Again, there were one or two I'd like to have back or have the outcome change but when you're running the football what you hope you can get is an aggressive defense and then get behind them on some run-action (or play-action) plays.''

I get what he's saying. You can't just run the ball. There need to be throws to keep the defense honest. My issue was the kind of throws he was calling. With a rookie quarterback struggling, you need to give him safe, simple reads. There were too many balls Sanchez was forcing downfield.

I don't think the Jets need to scale things back at all times with Sanchez. When he's got things working, he should have more rope. At the same time, when he looks like he did against the Bills, simplify things.

What are your thoughts on the way to bring Sanchez along?