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Pair to Sit for Overtime Punches

James Ihedigbo and Marques Murrell will not be active against the Raiders as punishment for throwing punches after the overtime kickoff against the Bills.

A source in the know has told The Post this morning that Ryan will bench special teams players, S James Ihedigbo and LB Marques Murrell for their irresponsible actions Sunday. Neither will play against the Raiders Sunday in Oakland.

Both Ihedigbo and Murrell threw punches at Bills TE Derek Fine during a scrum at the end of a Leon Washington KO return to start overtime. Ihedigbo was penalized and ejected from the game and it left the Jets with poor field posisiton to start OT, their own 15-yard line.

I am glad to see Rex show this kind of action will not be tolerated. I don't think he goes far enough, though. That penalty may have cost the Jets the game. Take away the 15 yard loss, and the 50 yard prayer the Jets lined up to attempt becomes a 35 yarder. There was so much pressure on a kick like that into the wind that it's not surprising the snap was bad. Everything had to be executed perfectly. We may look back on that loss as a decisive moment in the season.

Both of these guys are on the roster to play special teams. They showed the team they cannot be counted on to do so in a huge spot. This wasn't a mistake by players trying hard. It was guys letting down their teammates by saying getting a punch in was more important than winning the game. I think Rex should release both.

Do you think the punishment fits the crime?