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Ryan oozes Confidence

Not sure how many of you managed to catch Rex Ryan's segment on the Michael Kay show today but even in times of struggle he still oozes the confidence of a Muhammed Ali. Which is a great asset to have, because like Ali, after being knocked down, he is going to have to come out fighting

There really wasn't anything cutting edge discussed today as part of the segment. He basically went over some of the questionable calls. Why he didn't take Mark out, why Sheppard was benched, why he challenged the punt return etc etc

However after he hung up, I was filled with a new found sense of confidence. Something that I needed after being as close to the green cliffs as possible. If the NYPD are looking for a new negotiator, they should probably give Rex a call.

The overriding message is: "Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine"

There were no promises of big wins, Superbowl guarantees with White House visits. He said that he believes that this team can respond, that it can win with a rookie QB. He mixed the perfect amount of confidence with the right restraint.

One step at a time, easy does it, not so fast.