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Kris Jenkins Is Still Part of the Team

Even though he won't play again in 2009, Kris Jenkins intends to contribute in any way he can.

While his 6-foot-4, 360-pound presence will be missed on the field, Jenkins said yesterday he plans to remain an influencing figure in the locker room, encouraging his teammates just as he did during those moments late in the second quarter when his knee popped while making a tackle.

"Sometimes when things like that happen, especially when you have a player that's pretty good go down, sometimes guys get into their feelings a little bit," Jenkins said yesterday.

"That can't happen. That's why I had some things to say, because I wanted them to understand that regardless if I'm on the field or not, this is still the Jets. My last name isn't on the team. It doesn't matter what happens to me. We still need to do the best that we can to win."

I'll give Jenkins credit. Everybody from Carolina called him a locker room problem. He's been nothing but a model citizen in New York. I'm sure he'll have something to contribute.

With that said, there's only so much he can do. Words can't replace the gaping hole he's leaving.