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My Monday Musing

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So had around 24 hours to think about the game, and believe me that has been all I have been able to think about. Vivid images of yellow flags, opposing field goals splitting the uprights, green throwing to white. I need counselling.

So with all that behind us, just a few things to say today about the state of the team, some things that I really wasn't happy with yesterday, not just the obvious points that we lost and Mark Sanchez wasn't able to find anyone in green and wouldn't of been able to even if he were at a Kermit convention.

So some Monday musings after the jump

First off Dustin Keller, who might of been mistaken for dustbin Keller, the only difference being, when you toss garbage to the trash it usually hangs on to it. I'm not going to jump on Mark Sanchez and not look at anyone else, maybe there was a reason that Mark wasn't looking his way against Miami.

I think I read that over the off-season Dustin had gained some weight in muscle, perhaps to be a more menacing sight, become a better blocker, or just to look better on the cover of GQ, however he seems to have lost a little burst off the line. The mis-matches that were promised are not materializing, when the ball does come his way he either makes a half hearted attempt at a catch, is completely out of sync (obviously partly Marks fault) or drops the ball entirely.

He was targeted 10 times in Yesterday's game, he dropped two of them, caught two of them (for 16 yards) and on countless others looked like he could of had them and would of had them last season. Maybe it's just me looking for a scapegoat to accompany Mark on the lonely road this week, but has anyone noticed Keller's regression this season?

He has 5 receptions for 47 yards over the past three games, it's no mistake that we are struggling.

It seems like Mark Sanchez was apologizing to Keller after the Miami game for not getting him the ball, well take that apology, bundle it up and send it on back to Mark this week (this is of course assuming that he caught that apology that was sent his way)

Brian Schottenheimer, what can we say about you. Possibly the most frustrating offensive coordinator's in the game. He is as frustrating a Mike Heimerdinger. He seems hell bent on getting both facets of the offence working no matter what. If the passing game is working, he is going to pound the ball, if the run game is working he will take to the air. The offensive line was doing a hell of a job yesterday, there were some runs that were stuffed, but overall we needed to keep the ball on the ground. When he gets it spot on like the Houston game he looks like a genius, but when it's bad, it's really really bad.

For the second week running, Rex has made mistakes with game management. He is a rookie HC, and we have to remember that, but challenging that play in the 4th, for a few yards. You better be 100% when you make that challenge. We lost a challenge, a TO and a chance right there. Also calling the time out on 4th and 2 just to send Sanchez back in to try and catch the Bills off-side, complete waste. Sanchez should of been flagged there for his head bobbing, you can't do that.

That time out that was wasted would of come in handy as Jay Feely lined up that FG that he missed. Special teams running on with 20 seconds to go. Yes they were set with 10 seconds to go, but you can't say that they were comfortable in that rush.

I really could go on for ever here, but you have probably already read 100 articles just like this one today, so will end on the devastating news today, that just about completed one of the worst 24 hours I can remember being a Jets fan.

Kris Jenkins, the irreplaceable cog on the Rex machine is done for the season. A torn ACL that requires surgery. Words can not actually describe how big this is for us. Howard Green will be re-signed and Pouha will have his chance, but you don't replace a Kris Jenkins. He is a beast, a freak of nature. Excellent size with unparalleled athleticism. Rex said that we will need to rotate the line to keep people fresh, well that in itself presents problems.

I think that is the 4th straight game that we have been caught with too many men on the field, it seems that way anyway. Another time out had to be burned on that. The way we use and lose our time outs have to be an issue that is resolved among the coaching staff.

Just one quick thing, Rex had to pull Sanchez after his 3rd-4th interception. Had to, no excuses. His head was not there, and you could just see him forcing it. In a OT situation like that, you insert a veteran of sorts like Clemens and ask him not to lose the game. Tell him not to be a hero, just go in, don't force the pass, don't turn the ball over.

Eric Mangini came under a lot of criticism last season for his inability to recognise when you needed to make a bold move. Benching Favre towards the end of last season might of saved our play-off hopes. Don't mistake this for losing faith in Sanchez. I'm merely saying that you bring in Clemens you take the win, then you get Sanchez prepared.

Less said about the holding penalty on Ben Hartsock, the personal foul on James Ihedigbo and all the other fouls combined the better.

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