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Jets Lose as a Team

As painful as yesterday was, take heart in the fact the players aren't throwing Mark Sanchez under the bus.

"We have to do a better job across the board," said Bart Scott who had eight tackles on the night. "When you lose, it is a team loss. This is not the offense's loss, the defense's loss, the special teams’ loss. This is a team loss and we all contributed."

"You win as a team, you lose as a team," (Damien Woody) said. "When you lose, everybody could have played better. That’s the way everybody in this locker room has to look at it."

"We didn't create a spark. I don't believe I had a return yard," Leonhard said. "We need to do something. We need to find a way to get the momentum back."

This is something that gives me hope these guys can recover. It's quite a contrast to the end of last season when guys like Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes seemed to go out of their way to call out Brett Favre. Not that Favre was good in those games, but nobody on the team was doing the job. The way to get this turned around is for everybody to focus on what they can do better, not finger point. It looks like that's what's happening.

Do you think the Jets will turn things around?