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Putting Mark Sanchez's Performance in Perspective

I understand why a lot of you are frustrated by Mark Sanchez's outing right now, but it's important to remember it was only his sixth start.

Let me put it this way. What if I told you your team has a rookie quarterback who just threw 2 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in the first six games of the year? What if I told you he was only averaging 179 yards per game? What if I told you his team was supposed to be a contender but was only 3-3? He threw 3 picks in Week 6 in an ugly loss.

This guy's over his head. Surely those of you who want Sanchez benched would bench this guy too.

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You just benched Joe Flacco with the Ravens last year. Flacco of course improved through the year. His early struggles taught him valuable lessons about what you can't do in the NFL. It helped him adjust to the speed of the game. Some of you might have thought Flacco should watch from the bench instead of take his licks. Because that didn't happen, he was able to adjust and looks like a franchise quarterback a year later.

Stay patient with Sanchez.