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Jets Add Another Receiver

Number 83 jogged out onto the practise field today in Florham Park, with Chansi Stuckey being traded to the Cleveland Browns, his number 83 had become vacant and there was a surprise body in the jersey today, as current or maybe now former RB and fan favourite Danny Woodhead was working out with the wide receivers.

Now Rex Ryan has yet to comment on this, but we should know more later today. However there could be one of two reasons why Woodhead was working out at the receiving position.

We could of A) made the decision that he has no future in the NFL as a running back, so we are trying to catch lightning in a bottle by turning him into a slot receiver. Or B) with Brad Smith and Jerricho Cotchery out today for the second straight day, we are in dire need of some extra bodies at the wide receiver position. Or I guess alternatively we could be doing both.

Danny Woodhead has to be one of the most popular player in Jets franchise history to have never made any real contribution on the NFL field but still be adored by Gang Green Nation.

Some have questioned his size limitations, but Wes Welker is one of the best slot receivers in the game, and he stands at just 5'9, a single inch taller than Woodhead. In fact Woodhead is listed at a even 200lb's, where as Welker is 185lb's.

So it is possible. I quite like this move, he is elusive and quick, maybe we may have something special. Lets wait and see.