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Clowney Takes Advantage of His Change

The team's website discusses the way David Clowney waited for his chance, which finally came Monday and how he took advantage of it.

WR David Clowney is heeding that wisdom more than ever after recording his first regular-season receiving stats in ’09 despite the 31-27 loss to the Dolphins.

"I was patient, my time came, and now I have to just get better from here on out," Clowney said Wednesday. "The whole thing was when my number got called, I just had to make sure I produced."

His No. 87 was called four times in the Monday night affair, and "The Clown" caught all four passes for a game-high 72 receiving yards. The total included a 53-yard bomb on first down thrown perfectly over his shoulders by Mark Sanchez in the fourth quarter.


That's how you respond if you're upset with your playing time. You step up when your number is called. I think one of the guys Braylon Edwards could really benefit is Clowney. Before there was no target on whom a defense really had to focus. Now Edwards is going to get all the attention of the safeties afraid of getting beaten deep. That will open things up for Clowney.

I think he could be a real asset out of the slot role. Right now the conventional wisdom is that a slot guy should be quick and work the middle. Clowney's a bit of a different player. He's a vertical threat. Out of the slot, he wouldn't have to beat jams and would have a running start on his deep patterns. Just a thought. We'll see if he takes that role from Brad Smith.