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Wednesday Injury Status

With such a quick turnaround after the Monday night game I almost forgot that it was already Wednesday and we would get our first look at the health of the team, so there is good news mixed in with some bad:


Lito Sheppard

Donald Strickland

On the Bikes

Damien Woody

Jerricho Cotchery

Brad Smith

Shaun Ellis


For me Shaun Ellis has been pretty invisible so far this season, he really needs to do something and something soon. I think the further we get into the season, the clearer it becomes that on the first day of the draft, we need to go to the defensive line with our first and possibly second round selections.

Looks like Lito will be a definite 'go' on Sunday barring any setbacks, with Strickland out there as well I think it's safe to say that he will be back. I'm not too worried about Woody or Smith, Cotchery is a concern though.