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Rex Explains Why He Didn't Call Timeouts

It was strange on Monday that the Jets didn't burn timeouts to leave time on the clock in case the Dolphins scored once they reached the red zone. Rex Ryan's explanation:

"When you look back on it, I would have handled it differently," Ryan said yesterday. "I really was shocked. I do have a lot of confidence in that [defensive] group. I just thought it was going to go into overtime or we were going to stop them. I just assumed we'd stop them.

"But it's my responsibility. I've got nobody talking in my ear [suggesting a timeout call]. That is something that I've got to control. That's a mistake that I came by honestly. If I had that opportunity again, I should have been more mindful of it."

It's going to be very easy to jump all over him for that. Many writers have taken that route. There's clearly a line between confidence and hubris that he probably crossed, but I think that misses the bigger picture.

The thing people need to remember is this year is the first time he's running a game as a the head coach. Just like with Mark Sanchez, there are going to be bumps in the road. The important point to take away is that he seems to realize he made a mistake. Everybody makes errors. The true test is who makes the same errors over and over.

In any event, we should all be used to bad clock management after the Herman Edwards and Eric Mangini eras.

Do you think Rex should get a pass on this since he's a rookie, or is this real reason for concern?