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Heartbreak in Miami

Well somebody has to lose a game like this. Give the Dolphins all the credit. They just outexecuted the Jets when it mattered most. The defense that has carried this team all year long couldn't figure out the Wildcat.

There are some good points to take away like Braylon Edwards' big debut. Just think of how good he'll be once he's fully comfortable with his surroundings. Our rookie quarterback also became a man tonight, twice leading the team back from fourth quarter deficits.

It still won't make anybody feel better. The Jets had a chance to take a stranglehold on the division tonight and bury the Dolphins. All of the sudden, this race has become a three team dogfight.

If you're a Dolphins fan who wants to gloat, I suggest going to The Phinsider. Anybody who comes here to disrupt the place will be immediately banned.

The official recap will be up tomorrow morning.