Bills = worst team in NFL.

While the Bills looked great in the first game of the season, nearly beating a rusty Tom Brady, they are officially the worst team in the NFL having lost two games to the lowly Browns and the one-hit-wonder Dolphins.

Another totally unrelated observation: The Bears gave up 2 first round picks and a third round pick AND Kyle Orton to Denver for Jay Cutler... I was bummed about Cutler going to Chicago when it was announced. But in retrospect, both teams look great this year, and how dumb does Chicago feel for giving up 3 picks for Cutler considering how Orton is getting it done in Denver? And to think the Jets got Sanchez for a 2nd round pick and bunch of backups from Cleveland. Looks like a steal compared to Chicago. Hopefully Sanchez continues to develop into a pro bowl caliber QB.

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