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Two Security Managers To Investigate Tampering Charges

To be perfectly honest, I had all but forgotten about  the tampering charges that the 49'ers had filed against the Jets, that was until a reader sent this link along to a story from Mike Florio of PFT


An investigation will be conducted, and the league will appoint two security managers from other teams to handle it.

The procedure for determining the teams whose security personnel will investigate the claims isn't known.  We assume that the selection will avoid an actual or apparent conflict of interest.  For example, the history of acrimony between the Jets and the Patriots, including tampering charges made in 2006 by the Pats against the Jets and the Spygate brouhaha, suggests that the Patriots' head of security won't be one of the two selected officials.

As we already covered the allegations last month, it seems worthless going back over the situation until some facts actually come out, and who knows how long that could be. That being said, I still don't think that anything will come of this, Florio goes on to spend the majority of the article talking about an investigation into the business relationship of Deion Sanders who really brought all this on, and Eugene Parker, agent to Michael Crabtree and Dustin Keller.