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No Compensation for D-Rob

Dewayne Robertson did not hit the conditions necessary for the Jets to land a Draft pick from Denver as per the terms of their trade a year ago. Gang Green comes away from the deal empty handed.

The Broncos will not send a draft pick to the New York Jets after defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson played in roughly 50 percent of the defensive snaps last season, well below the 65 percent threshold that would have triggered a trade.

The Broncos had acquired Robertson last April in return for a conditional draft pick based on playing time. One condition was if Robertson played in less than 65 percent of the defensive snaps, the Broncos didn't have to compensate the Jets.

This is a tough break for the Jets. They end up with nothing in return for a guy on whom they spent the fourth overall pick of the Draft in 2003. It is still tough to get on Mike Tannenbaum for the trade. He worked a deal for Cincinnati's fourth and fifth rounders last offseason only to see it fall through when Robertson's balky knee made him fail the physical.

Unproductive players who are also damaged goods are difficult to move, especially at a cap number approaching $13 million. Getting that salary off the books helped the Jets clear out a lot of space for their spending spree a year ago, while there would have been no role for Robertson on the team. It is not even as if he was productive in Denver, where he only recorded 18 tackles this season.

Ultimately the Jets gave away something without much value, and did not receive much back.