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Hall of Fame Finalists Announced...

and no Joe Klecko on the list of seventeen. Everybody on the list is deserving of consideration, but it is somewhat disheartening to see Klecko not even considered year after year. Making the Pro Bowl at three different positions as Klecko did is one of the most astounding feats in football history. That kind of versatility and consistent excellence deserves more notoriety than it has generated. Barely a peep is made regarding his candidacy. Jets fans really need to start making noise about this injustice the way Giants fans did about Harry Carson, Redskins fans did about Art Monk, and Steelers fans did about the duo of John Stallworth and Lynn Swann. Eventually the voters caught on.

No Jets were on the list, although Russ Grimm, who will interview for the head coaching job tomorrow is. No worries, however. We saw our own Ronnie Lott get inducted a few years ago, Monk just last year, and can look forward to Brett Favre in another five. The point is we really need to get behind Klecko's candidacy to see a real Jet go to Canton.