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Jenkins Speaks

Erik Boland of Newsday caught up with Kris Jenkins yesterday. For a guy who burned every bridge imaginable to get out of Carolina, it is impressive how he said all of the right things.

Jenkins, who has been in the DC area since the season ended, said he has been paying attention to the coaching search. He wisely declined to name a favorite (hey, I had to ask), and he said it was inconsequential to him what kind of defense - 4-3 or 3-4 - the new guy wants to play.

"Now, I know I can do both,” Jenkins said with a smile. “If it’s 3-4, it’s 3-4; if it’s 4-3, it’s 4-3. Whatever, I’m up for the challenge."

Jenkins is an impact player in either system. Much has been made of how Kris was banged up near the end of the year. Some attribute it to the pounding he took as the nose tackle and blame the 3-4. This is baloney. Football is a physical game, especially in the trenches. Guys get hurt. It has nothing to do with the system. Jenkins would have taken a licking playing on the line in the 4-3. However, he was an All Pro in the 4-3 and would adjust fine. Others would be affected markedly more than Jenkins. It is ridiculous how some say Kris factors into the decision. He will be great no matter the defense.

Brian Costello from the Post was there and we covered a few different things with Jenkins. Costello asked Jenkins about some of the comments a few Jets players made recently about Brett Favre.

"I’m not going to get into the tit-for-tat thing," Jenkins said, but added some interesting flavor.

“I’m never going to ever say anything bad about anybody that goes out to war with me, and goes out to bleed with me and I hope that everybody else that has seen what he’s done on the field, will accept the good and the bad. Let the guy go out with his head up high. At least honor him for what he’s done and what he’s accomplished.”


Take notes, Thomas Jones. That is what being a good teammate means.