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Report: Schottenheimer to Stay

It appears Brian Schottenheimer will return for a fourth season as Jets offensive coordinator

Owner Woody Johnson took to the airwaves yesterday afternoon on 1050 ESPN Radio about 20 minutes after talking to Schottenheimer, a finalist for the job that went to Ryan. Ryan met with Schottenheimer earlier in the day, and based on the conversation Johnson had with the offensive coordinator, he indicated it appears he will return.

"I believe he thinks this is the best thing," Johnson said on 1050. "He's excited about being here. We're excited to have him."

This is less than thrilling news on a number of levels. Schottenheimer did not display much of anything to indicate he deserved to stay. He refused to play to the strengths of the team. His situational play calling was abominable. He did not make in game adjustments. He did not get the most explosive player on the roster, Leon Washington, heavily involved until Week 17. It seems like ownership cares more about a meeting with him that only lasted a few hours than his body of work on the job. If this is an ownership decision, the offensive coordinator may have a direct line of communication to undercut his boss, a rookie head coach.

Ryan has indicated he will focus heavily on the defense, making play calls. This means Schottenheimer will effectively be free to do whatever he wants. One has to wonder why the Jets did not even consider going in another direction. Plenty of qualified candidates are available, including one in house, Bill Callahan. Schottenheimer would keep continuity, but what is the point of continuing something that was not working?