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Morning Links-1/21

-Newsday thinks Ryan got the job because of his passion. I can only hope they are wrong when they say Eric Mangini's gum chewing as things were falling apart is the reason he is gone. What happened on the field is the reason to be upset, not his chewing gum after something bad happened on the field.

-Jets defenders are excited about playing in Ryan's system.

-We will turn our attention to free agency and the Draft here soon, but it is tough to imagine the Jets landing Ray Lewis.

-Gary Myers gives Ryan and Woody Johnson a to do list. There are some good ideas like getting Leon Washington more involved offensively. There are some awful ideas like signing Rex Grossman to be a "game manager" even though his style of play and decision making categorizes him as the complete antithesis of a "game manager."

-Brett Favre will not play in the Pro Bowl. He got voted onto the roster over more deserving quarterbacks anyway. Now one of them can go.