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Shanahan Out of the Mix

Mike Shanahan has withdrawn his name from consideration to be the next head coach of the Jets.

It was a brief flirtation, and now it's over. Mike Shanahan isn't coming to the Jets, the Daily News has learned.

The Jets held internal discussions on the recently-fired Broncos coach. They even tried to send a feeler to gauge his interest, but the organization is moving on. Presumably, Shanahan sent word to the Jets that he isn't interested.

That is just fine. Shanahan has been nothing special outside of a great three year run over ten years ago. He would have probably demanded control over personnel, not a good thing considering Denver never improved from year to year during his tenure despite numerous high profile acquisitions. His zone blocking scheme would have required major personnel changes along the offensive line. Alan Faneca and Damien Woody, who just signed big deals last year, would be awful fits for the scheme, which requires athletic and nimble linemen and emphasizes technique over brute force. The kicker is that the Jets already have great run blocking.

There are places where Shanahan's offensive acumen would make him a good fit. This is not one of them.