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Offensive Staff to Stay?

Rich Cimini reports in his blog that Rex Ryan will work to retain the offensive coaching staff. This does not include Brian Daboll, who has already been named Cleveland's offensive coordinator.

Rex Ryan's first job will be assembling a coaching staff. From what I hear, he will try to keep the offensive staff intact, starting with coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Schottenheimer was disappointed that he didn't land the head-coaching job, but there's still a chance he will remain in his current role. Right now, there are conflicting reports on whether that will happen. Like Schottenheimer, OL coach Bill Callahan is under contract, but the word is he wants to stay.

When the Jets got rid of Eric Mangini, the idea seemed to be weeding out those responsible for the collapse. Schottenheimer was a main culprit. His lousy gameplans, mind-boggling situational playcalling, and outright refusal to get Leon Washington involved offensively should have earned him a one way exit,  not interviews for the head job and another year as coordinator. If the Jets wanted continuity, Bill Callahan is a proven commodity as an offensive coordinator and has earned the respect of the locker room for the work he did rebuilding the running game in 2008, even if Schottenheimer neglected to use it.

One can only hope this is Ryan's call. If he honestly believes this is the right direction for the team, it is one thing. However, Schottenheimer seems to have sweet talked his way into the good graces of the front office, despite his subpar performance. Rex has to be allowed to build his own program. If this was a condition for him landing the job, this has all the makings of a disaster. The head coach needs to have full support. A coordinator who wants the head job and has ownership's ear could do a lot to undermine him. This news is a bit unsettling if true.