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Report: Jets to Hire Ryan

It sounds as though the Jets are set to name Rex Ryan as their new head coach this week now that Baltimore has been eliminated. This had been the most likely scenario for at least a week and became almost a formality when the Rams hired Steve Spagnuolo.

ESPN Sr. NFL Analyst Chris Mortensen reports that the New York Jets will formally offer their head coaching job to Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, who told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he will accept the position.


The Jets notified other candidates, including offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, of their plans to hire Ryan, the sources said.


A formal announcement is expected Monday, with a news conference likely on Wednesday.


A Jets team spokesperson declined comment.

My initial feelings about this move are positive. The two most important attributes for any coach are his ability to motivate his players and his knowledge of strategy. Look at any quote from a Raven regarding Ryan over the past four years, and it will show that his players absolutely adore him. In terms of X's and O's, he learned the game from his father, Buddy, who was one of the best schemers in NFL history. Rex's unique alignments show that he learned well and understands the tactical part of the game. There are no slam dunk hires among assistants. There is no way to tell how anybody will handle the head job, but the Ravens did increase Ryan's influence as the years progressed. This season he gained the title assistant head coach and was allowed to give input on key decisions. He also seems to be a quotable personality, which will play well with the New York media.

In the end, this move is the opposite of the Eric Mangini hire. Ryan has an impressive body of work. Just look at the results he got in Baltimore. He may have had a lot of talent at his disposal, but he maximized it. Mangini was not hired based on anything he had done. That was purely on what he had the potential to do, potential he never reached in New York.