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Morning Links-1/16

-Cimini still says Ryan will be the guy.

-Gary Myers states the obvious.

-Ian O'Connor argues that simply a change of style guarantees nothing. I definitely agree with the premise. I even wrote on it earlier this week. However, his reasoning is a bit difficult to follow. It seems like he is saying because Joe Girardi did poorly in his first year, Ryan is not the right guy.

-Brian Schottenheimer might try to play hardball with the Jets. When the guy playing hardball has zero leverage, it typically does not work out too well. "I have done a terrible job with the offense so if you don't make me head coach, I'm out of here!" Best of luck with that argument, Brian.

-It is tough to believe it has been a decade since the bitter AFC Championship Game loss in Denver. Even a Bill Belichick defensive gameplan that had John Elway's head spinning was not enough to put the greatest Jets team since Namath in the Super Bowl. Six turnovers helped the Jets blow a 10 point lead and hand Denver a second consecutive AFC title. I still hate football because of this game.

-One of the goats of that game, Dave Meggett, was charged with rape for the second time since September. Meggett was the return man who failed to field the lucky, fluke Elam kickoff mentioned in the previous article.