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Morning Links-1/15

-Cimini's sources tell him the plan is to hire Rex Ryan and retain Brian Schottenheimer. Ryan seems like the best candidate, but it is disappointing to hear one of the primary reasons being he is a yes man. A coach should have total control of the operation. It is frankly disturbing to see the organization demand such a lousy coordinator be kept over a coach who has aided in the quick development of Joe Flacco.

-Brian Daboll and Rob Ryan are officially Eric Mangini's coordinators.

-Brian Costello gives some information on Rex Ryan's past.

-Scott Pioli is diplomatic when it comes to Herm. Getting fired is never easy, but when Herm gets his pink slip in a few days, he can at least know the Chiefs handled his departure in far classier fashion than he left the Jets.

-Jim Harbaugh is out of the mix. He says he is staying at Stanford. Of course, the only way he was leaving is if his school acted like Boston College. There was no way he was landing this job.