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Morning Links-1/14

-This coaching search looks like it could drag on. If that is true, Rex Ryan is probably the favorite. If the Jets did not consider him the clear choice, they could hire one of the other major contenders, Steve Spagnuolo or Brian Schottenheimer this week and get to work on building a staff.

-Miami assistant and former Jets secondary coach Todd Bowles wants the Detroit job. Why is another question entirely.

-Jane McManus does not think the next coach can be a dictator. Spagnuolo and Ryan both seem loved by their players so this probably would not be an issue.

-NFL Gridiron Gab argues Brian Schottenheimer is the best choice for the job without going into any detail. I would love to hear the thought process behind this endorsement.

-Rex Ryan is so beloved in Baltimore that the Ravens are rooting for him to land a head coaching job, even if it means they lose him.

-The Browns seem poised to make it official that Brian Daboll will leave the Jets to become their new offensive coordinator.

-Could Spags miss out entirely on a head job this year? The Giants' elimination ironically helps him. Teams usually like to have a set direction before the Super Bowl. Otherwise, it is tough to find assistants. Had the Giants returned to the big game, things would have been even tougher.