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Jets: No Comment on Harbaugh

The Jets had no comment when asked whether they had interviewed Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh. This essentially means they did interview him. If there was no interest, they simply would have denied contact. The Jets are a very secretive organization, and they just got a college coach fired this week for interviewing him so there is no way they are going to publicly acknowledge anything.

Give the Jets credit for leaving no stone unturned if nothing else. They cannot make a move until their top choices, Rex Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo, are eliminated from the Playoffs so they might as well look at every candidate under the sun to see whether they can find a surprise not on the radar.

With that said, Harbaugh would not be a good choice at this point. He is an excellent coach who is turning around a mortibound Stanford program. However, he has no coaching experience at the pro level. Just two years ago, he was at the University of San Diego. That is a huge jump. His pro playing experience would instantly bring him respect in an NFL locker room. However, he has no idea what goes into coaching in the NFL. Maybe he will be a good candidate for the pros one day, but he needs more of a track record of success in the limelight of big time college football. His brother, John, has the Ravens in the AFC Championship next weekend, but a family member's success means little. They are two completely different people with different experiences.