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Jets Sign Feely

The Jets have signed Jay Feely leading up to this Sunday's game against New England. Mike Nugent's leg injury sustained in the opener apparently will not heal in time for him to be ready. The Jets have to be happy a kicker like Feely was available.

A lot of teams have lousy kickers. To find a guy who hit 91.3% of his field goals a year ago on the open market at this point of the year is quite a find. Feely should also feel comfortable with the surroundings of Giants Stadium since he kicked with the Giants in 2005 and 2006. Nobody will ever trust him with the game on the line after his meltdown at Seattle a few years ago, but the free agent pickings at the position are not exactly the caliber of Adam Vinateri after the season starts. Getting a serviceable player is a coup.

If the game comes down to a Feely pressure kick with Matt Cassel starting for the other team, the Jets probably have bigger problems than kicking.