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Welcome to Gang Green Nation!

Welcome to Gang Green Nation! SB Nation's newest site is the home of all things relating to the New York football Jets. My name is John, and I will be your guide through the highs and (mostly) lows of this star-crossed franchise.

I began following the Jets religiously at the age of 7 in 1993. That year served as a baptism by fire for the torture that is being a Jets fan. Needing to win one of the final three games of the regular season to make the Playoffs, Gang Green lost all three, including an excruciating game in Buffalo where Cary Blanchard missed three field goals, any of which would have provided the winning margin. Since then, I have watched another three game collapse at the end of the 2000 regular season, a blown 10-0 lead in the AFC Championship Game at Denver, the DB game (Doug Brien is considered a dirty word in my house), the Marino fake spike game, and much more torture.

After the Jets took Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp in the 1995 Draft, my father, a season ticket holder from the Shea Stadium days who has still never recovered from the Mark Gastineau game in Cleveland, begged me to root for the Giants and avoid making the same mistake he made rooting for the Jets. For whatever reason, I must have liked pain so I ignored him and stuck with the Jets.

I named this site Gang Green Nation because we are all in this together as Jets fans. Our team is constantly overshadowed by the crosstown Giants (heck, our home stadium bears their name) and the division rival Patriots, yet we show up faithfully every September hoping this next year will be better than the last. We live all across the country, parked in front of televisions every Sunday, yet nobody realizes that we comprise the most loyal fanbase in football. This site will be a common place for us all to gather, celebrate, and commiserate.