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Graham Released Again

The Jets have released punter Ben Graham for the second time in three weeks. He was originally let go after an awful Week 2 performance against New England, only to be resigned for Week 3. His replacement, Reggie Hodges, suffered a leg injury prior to a meeting with San Diego.

For some reason, the Jets kept Hodges around, using up a pair of roster spots on mediocre punters. Hodges was never good enough to justify staying aboard when he could not contribute. It is not like some other team would have snatched up a guy whose career average does not even approach 40 yards and has not kicked in a real game since 2005.

This move makes zero sense at this point. Graham has a bigger leg and is coming off a game against Arizona where he averaged 48.0 yards in his 2 kicks. He might have been turning a corner. It would have been better to see whether this was the case than to fully rely on a known mediocrity in Hodges.

The Jets resigned offensive lineman Will Montgomery after Graham was cut. Montgomery was released last week to clear room for Hank Poteat.