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Wednesday Pressers

Eric Mangini, Brett Favre, and select Jets held press conferences on Wednesday.

Some interesting nuggets:

  • As if it is any surprise, Favre sounds like it will take a lot more than a bum ankle to keep him out on Sunday. If he can play with a broken thumb, he can play with a banged up ankle.
  • Favre felt more comfortable with the short, timing routes the team went to in the second half against San Diego. He noted how it stopped San Diego's blitz in its tracks. With Brett still learning the playbook and getting on the same page as his receivers, the Jets would be wise to show more spread formations and get the ball out quickly.
  • Kris Jenkins is feeling better and almost returned to the Monday game after suffering a back injury. This bodes well for him suiting up on Sunday. Lord knows the Jets need him because Sione Pouha and Mike Devito struggled to hold the point of attack while anchoring the line with Jenkins out.
  • Calvin Pace is familiar with the Cardinals offense. Eric Mangini and Bob Sutton will likely pick the linebacker's mind this week to try and gain any edge.
  • Arizona's special teams coach, Kevin Spencer, was Mangini's college coach at Wesleyan.