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How to Deal With Rival Fans

Part of the fun of being a fan is arguing with the fans of rival teams. After their Week 2 loss, Jets fans have had to deal with a lot of smack from supporters of AFC East rivals, claiming the one game as proof Gang Green is not for real. The following is a guide on how to deal with these fans.

Patriots Fan: 

We beat you silly without Brady. Your team is done. Our defense can carry us all the way to the division title.

You should be very proud of your Pats. They played a great game after suffering a crushing blow. However, it was only one game. The Jets have looked just as good defensively, and once he gets more familiar with his teammates, I like having Brett Favre as my quarterback over the last 14 games a lot better than I like Matt Cassel.

Bills Fan:

You guys got all the hype over Favre, and our team is 2-0. We've beaten two Playoff teams. You guys barely beat a weak Miami team in Week 1 and then lost to the Pats without Brady. I'm marking down a pair of wins when we play you. Trent Edwards looks great. Favre looks shaky at best.

No argument, the Bills are off to a great start, but can we put this in perspective? Two games does not a season make. You can deride the win against Miami all you want. The fact is that both teams the Bills have beaten are also 0-2. Sure, they were both good teams last year, but we see plenty of teams go from good to lousy every year. Beating the Bears in 2007 was not a quality win just because they went to the Super Bowl in 2006. These teams might turn things around, but for now they are what their record says they are. You beat a pair of bad teams just like the Jets beat Miami in Week 1. By that logic, the Pats are not even that impressive. They barely beat a team that's even worse than the Dolphins at home in Week 1 and then beat a Jets team you have said is not good in Week 2. You guys look great so far. You may have a great team this year, but keep two weeks in perspective. A lot of teams start hot and then fade every year. Edwards has looked very good, but a lot of people said Chad Pennington would be Joe Montana early in his career. Enjoy what you have, but do not be so quick to make bold predictions. The Jets have a very good defense and the most established quarterback in the division by a mile.

Dolphins fan:

All that money, all of those big names, and your team still doesn't look like it can get over the hump.

When the most successful coach your franchise has had this century is Dave Wannstedt, you have no room to rip on anybody.