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Wednesday Night Links

  • Considering how secretive and deceptive both the Jets and the Patriots are, the official injury report means very little, but it is still posted at the official website of the Jets. In the irony of ironies, Tom Brady's legitimate injury forced him to injured reserve, meaning his chronic shoulder problem does not show up on the New England report for the first time in years.
  • The subject of Tom Brady's knee injury was on the media's mind as Brett Favre answered questions about his incredible consecutive games started streak during his Wednesday press conference. Brett's run is a true testament to his durability and his toughness. However, last Sunday reminded us of how much luck plays a role in a situation like that. Brady is every bit the warrior Favre is. Playing a position as vulnerable as quarterback leaves a player susceptible to freak hits in bad places.
  • Eric Mangini discussed a few roster moves in his Wednesday press conference.
  • Brian Bassett of needs a gracious host to take him in at this Sunday's tailgate. Somebody, please open your heart and your grill to a fellow blogger in need.
  • SportsNet NY's Brandon Kuty reminds us that the Pats still have a lot of talent even without Brady.
  • Randy Moss echoes those sentiments. Jets fans might be thrown into a tizzy, but is he supposed to think his team will lose?
  • Rod Woodson is also on New England's bandwagon. This is good. Let the Pats get all of the attention and accolades. It just takes pressure off the Jets. Gang Green can fly under the radar (horrible pun intended).