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A Little Perspective

It is easy to get frustrated with the way the Jets are playing. Lord knows this site has been full of complaints from its author about the sorry state of the team the last two weeks. However, in thinking about what we do not have as fans, it is easy to forget what we do have.

A year ago to the day, the Jets lost to Cleveland by a 24-18 score. The defeat dropped Gang Green's record to 3-10. Things looked hopeless. The guy playing quarterback, Kellen Clemens, had another subpar performance, throwing 2 interceptions. Having used a 2006 second round pick on him, Kellen appeared to be the quarterback of this franchise for the foreseeable future. However, he had shown little to no progress. Thomas Jones had a rare big day, running for 102 yards, but he looked like his best days were behind them. The defense was pitiful. The Patriots were on their way to perfection, and it looked like they would have a firm hold on the division for years to come.

If you are a real Jets fan, you remember the misery of that night and many like it a year ago. Think of yourself after that game against the Browns a year ago. Now imagine I came into the picture. What if I foretold the future? What if I told you that in a year, Brett Favre would be the quarterback of your team? What if I told you that instead of the worst left guard in the game, Adrian Clarke, and the abysmal Anthony Clement at right tackle, in a year studs like Alan Faneca and Damien Woody would be opening holes for a rejuvenated Jones as he tried to break the franchise record for yards per carry in a season? What if I told you that the versatile Calvin Pace would line up at strong side outside linebacker instead of mediocre Victor Hobson? What if I told you that instead of having Dewayne Robertson getting pushed back every play on the nose that in a year you would have Kris Jenkins, the best nose tackle in football? What if I told you that Gang Green's sorry pass defense would turn into....well we cannot have everything.

What if I told you on that night the Jets fell to 3-10 that in one year, the Jets would be tied for first with three weeks left and in control of their own destiny? What if I told you they got there with a thrilling overtime win at Foxborough? What if I told you that the Jets would be the only team to beat the Tennessee Titans all year and that they would do it by dominating them on their home field?

Now what if I told you there was a catch? What if I told you that this would come at the price of losing two straight to Denver and San Francisco? Would you take it? Remember that feeling in 2007. You would have signed up for this in a heartbeat. Things may not look great from the perspective of two weeks ago, but fifty-two weeks is a completely different perspective. The Jets may be in a funk, but remember how much worse we have had it. This team has a chance to turn it around, and we have a chance to see a winner, which does not happen often to us. Ask fans of the Chiefs, Raiders, or Rams, and see whether they would trade spots for a quick turnaround.