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Favre Has Torn Biceps

Brett Favre has a torn biceps and will not need major surgery.

Favre, 39, complained of pain in his right shoulder in recent weeks and was scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday. Instead, he underwent the exam today and the damage was revealed. It's believed Favre had an MRI earlier in the season when he complained of pain and it came back negative.

This eliminates the potential for any long and arduous rehab, which certainly makes it more likely Favre will return in 2009. His preparation will be much easier than it would be coming off major surgery. If the Jets land a big name head coach, Brett might just decide to come back to try and capture glory one last time. Whether this would be a good thing is up for debate.

On another note, playing through this injury is a testament to the kind of gamer Favre is. This toughness is why the media may go overboard in its love for him. Remember that during the 2005 season, Kevin Mawae was knocked out for the year by a similar injury to his triceps. It is definitely more difficult for a quarterback to operate with a bad arm than it is for a center.