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ESPN: Cowher in the Running

ESPN, completely contradicting its earlier reports, now says Bill Cowher and the Jets will speak about the vacant head coaching job.

The door to the New York Jets' opening might not be closed for Bill Cowher just yet after all.


A high-ranking Jets official told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen that the team is still planning to speak to Cowher about its vacant head coaching job. No time or place for the interview has been set, but the official says the Jets would be willing to do "whatever is necessary" to land Cowher if he is truly interested in taking the job.

Strike everything I just said about Woody Johnson if that is the case.

A Jets source also said Tannenbaum says he's willing to adjust his position to accommodate Cowher.

If this is true, all the better. Tannenbaum is a proven cap guru and has not missed often in his player evaluation during his tenure as GM. Obviously, if the Jets can only choose one, that choice should be Cowher. However, if this team can keep Tannenbaum as a part of the brain trust, even if he does not get the final say, it is a great move.