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Parcells to Become Available?

Chris Mortensen says it could happen.

When Parcells joined the Dolphins as executive vice president of football operations last year, his deal included a onetime out clause that would allow him to walk away, with the rest of his $12 million guaranteed contract fully paid, no strings attached, if Huizenga were to sell the team.


Earlier this year, Huizenga agreed to sell 95 percent of the Dolphins to New York developer and team part-owner Stephen Ross. Huizenga hopes to close on the deal by early January to ensure that the capital gains taxes on the sale remain at 15 percent before President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office Jan. 20, Mortensen reported.

Among the teams sources say are on Parcells' radar are the New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders. However, if Parcells' son-in-law, New England Patriots vice president Scott Pioli, is interested in any of those jobs, Parcells is unlikely to wind up with that team, Mortensen reported.

If Woody Johnson fires Eric Mangini, he will need to lure a big name to appease a disgruntled fanbase. Parcells certainly would fit that bill. He also has a great relationship with Mike Tannenbaum from his first stint with the Jets. He and Tannenbaum spoke regularly before Parcells went to Miami. Gang Green could offer him a chance to take over a club with Playoff talent to take on Bill Belichick. This could be enticing enough to lure him as long as Woody is willing to open his big wallet.