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The Airing of Grievences

Today marks the feast of Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us created by Frank Costanza when Christmas shopping for his son several decades ago. As essential to the celebration as the aluminum pole and the Feats of Strength is the Airing of Grievences, the point at which people tell their loved ones how they have disappointed them over the past year. Without further adieu, the New York Jets Airing of Grievences.

Brett Favre: How could you have spent your entire career in Green Bay and suddenly not know how to play in bad weather? What happened to you against Denver and Seattle? How could the offense be so punchless against an also ran like San Francisco? I understand your ability to get rid of the ball quickly and avoid sacks is one of the reasons you have started so many consecutive games. However, does that mean you have to fling the ball up for grabs off your back foot when the pocket collapses?

Bob Sutton: Have you ever heard of a blitz? I didn't think so, at least an effective one. Why do you rush three men at least once every series even though it has not worked once all season? Why has Marques Murrell not gotten a chance to play with Bryan Thomas struggling? Why is the team constantly arm tackling at this point in the season?

Brian Schottenheimer: Jets fans hated one of your predecessors, Paul Hackett, because of his ultraconservative approach. That does not mean we wanted the opposite extreme. You have the best running game in the AFC and an offensive line with four first rounders. That means you should call a run play nine times out of ten on third and short, not empty the backfield and throw every time. Stop trying to show us how smart you are by trying to succeed with something nobody saw coming. If you were really smart, you would base your calls on maximizing what the team does best.

Ty Law: How has it all gone so far south so quickly?

Linebackers: Have you guys ever heard of stepping up to take away the crossing route?

Lavernues Coles: I still love you, but this year has been a major disappointment. There have been way too many times you have not fought for a ball you could have caught.

Eric Mangini: You have done little if anything to correct anything mentioned above. As the captain of the ship, anything negative ultimately reflects upon you. Right now that ship is sinking, and you look lost. You might be five days from joining Bruce Coslet, Herman Edwards, and Al Groh in Jets coaching infamy. Please tell me you have a fix you have not shown the first sixteen weeks because you have been saving it for now.