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Jets Won't Be on Sunday Night Football

NBC has announced San Diego against Denver will be flexed to Sunday night next week. Since the Jets lost at Seattle, the game will not be for the AFC East title unless Buffalo upsets New England. It is still something of a surprise since showing Miami-New York would at least let fans see one quality team, the Dolphins, opposed to the ugliness of the inconsistent West contenders.

The Jets and Giants are both scheduled for 1:00. Because of NFL television rules, one of those games will have to change timeslots. The entirety of a game played by a local team must be shown, and no other game can be shown when a local team plays at home. If both games stayed at 1:00, it would mean the Giants would be playing during a Jets home game. League rules would then mandate that the Giants would have to be shown and could not be shown at the same time.

In layman's terms, one of the games is moving to 4:00. That timeslot usually does better ratings so it will probably be Jets-Dolphins since we know something will be on the line, at least for Miami.